With Tax Day approaching quickly,
here is what you need to know
about how to work with us:

We are still accepting clients for this tax season; however, we do NOT guarantee completion of  your return by the filing deadline. We will do our best, but again, there is no guarantee. We handle all documents and information on a first-come, first-served basis, and we’ve learned the hard way not to provide estimated completion dates.

If you have engaged us to prepare your return, we will file an extension as needed and provide you with your estimated tax liability based on the information we have. We continue to work on tax returns daily after the deadline until they are complete.

Your timely submission of complete documents and quick response to any questions advances our efforts to file on time.

Our fees start at $195 for a basic return, with W2 or retirement income, standard deduction, and no dependents. Fees for self-employed taxpayers and those who own rental properties or other investments start at $595. The average fee for our clients is about $550 – $750.

To begin work on your return, we require the following:

  1. Signed Letter of Engagement
  2. $100 minimum fee payment (applied to your final tax prep invoice)
  3. Completed Client Organizer
  4. All documents submitted


You can complete the tax return process entirely online. This is the fastest, most convenient way to complete your return.


You can schedule an intake appointment. You must pay the minimum engagement fee of $100 to book your appointment. This helps minimize no-shows at our busiest time of year.

During the appointment, you we will complete your Letter of Engagement and Client Organizer. We will review your original tax documents, scan them, and return them to you immediately.

You may review and e-sign your completed return online or schedule a review appointment to wrap things up. IMPORTANT NOTE: at this time of year, appointment times are extremely limited, so filing an extension is more likely.

We do not prepare returns while-you-wait and we do not offer “drop-off” service.

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Need an appointment? Choose your preferred office below to find a time that works for you.

Please note – at this time of year, appointment times are extremely limited.

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