Catch up your 2022 bookkeeping!

It's December

and your bookkeeping is months behind!

Estimated Taxes

are due next month!

Tax Filing

is right around the corner!

Situation: Critical

It’s December, and your bookkeeping is months behind.

Maybe you’ve never done it at all.

Maybe your tiny little business took off like a rocket – and now the books are out of control.

This is a bigger problem than you realize.

Here’s why.

If your bookkeeping isn’t done, you don’t know how much to pay when your estimated tax payment is due NEXT MONTH.

See, the estimates your tax preparer gave you last year are based on OLD INFORMATION.

Sure, they’ll help you avoid an underpayment penalty – IF you’ve been making the REQUIRED quarterly payments.

But that’s not really good enough.

Maybe you’re paying too much or maybe you’re in for an unpleasant surprise – a tax bill you can’t pay.

And that can cost you BIG.

You S-Corps and Partnerships aren’t off the hook either.

It’s EVEN WORSE for you to be behind.

Your shareholders and partners are all affected. And if you don’t have an accountable plan in place for reimbursements, you’re running out of time to correct that.

We're here to help

If your books are not ready at tax time it will cost you.

Your tax preparer may charge you for “write up” services at a much higher rate. And it will definitely slow down your tax prep.

That’s because, when you hire someone to do your taxes, you’re not hiring them to do a year’s worth of bookkeeping to boot. Your books should be clean, clear and complete.

We have a solution.

Our US-based, college-educated team of bookeepers are standing by to help a limited number of small business owners solve their 2022 bookkeeping issues.

Here's how it works

  • You provide some basic information and schedule a discovery call

  • You upload your January-November bank statements to our secure client portal for evaluation

  • During our discovery call, we will ask you a few more questions and give you a quote – 50% down gets us started

  • We ask about transactions that we cannot identify and incorporate your responses into your books

  • 2nd installment due by _____

  • Give us your December bank statements by January 5

  • We will have your 2022 books wrapped up by January 10


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