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Being "Approachable"

Talking about your finances is hard enough without being intimidated by your accountant.

Technically, The Approachable Accountant is just one person, Karen Mason. But the primary consideration in the growth of the firm is making sure that every member of the team is Approachable –committed to listening, explaining important concepts, and coaching our clients so they feel comfortable with our processes and talking about money.

But The Approachable Accountant is not for everyone.

Karen says,

“Being Approachable means that you can tell me your story – your challenges, successes, fears and goals – all in your own words. Forget accountant-speak and business school buzz words – let’s talk real talk. You’ve got nothing to prove to me, and I will try to help you.”

But it comes with a caveat:

“I try not to be unkind, but I call it like I see it. If things are messed up, I will tell you. Bluntly. But I won’t hold it against you unless you allow it to continue. I will meet you where you are, but you must be willing to move forward.”

Firm Philosophy

Much of what we do is preparing tax returns, but that is not where we provide the most value. Tax returns report financial events that have already happened. Other than making sure we report everything that happened to maximize deductions and credits, there is very little we can do to help you save on your taxes when the tax year has already ended.

We believe that these are the keys to turning something that happens TO you into something that happens FOR you:

Make accurate, timely bookkeeping a priority. If you do not have a grasp on your financial position, you cannot make good business decisions.

All too often, business owners tell us that they want to use our services but they “can’t afford it.” You might think that’s just a negotiating technique, but they really believe it to be true.

In many cases, the real truth is that they don’t have the cash or credit available in that moment to pay for the services they need.

That’s almost always a function of wasting money, which is almost always a function of – you guessed it – bad bookkeeping.

Don’t give up your power over your money. Giving up that power weakens your power over your business and your life.

It’s smart to delegate the accounting function to a professional, but don’t just dust off your hands and walk away. Learn to use those financial reports to identify weak spots in your business and look for opportunities to overcome them.

It’s also how you allow people – especially those you trust — get away with stealing from you.

Be honest with yourself about business finances and willing to make sacrifices to improve.

Unless you rely on your business income to pay your living expenses, your business doesn’t have to be profitable right out of the gate. Accept that.

Don’t kid yourself into believing that your business is profitable because you formed an LLC, you’re meeting a ton of people, and you have the cutest laptop skin and business cards ever printed. (Come on – you recognize yourself just a little bit, right?)

That’s all okay as long as you know how much of your own money you’ve put into your business, where the money is going, and you have a plan for turning your cash investment and hard work into revenue.

If you’re one of the lucky few who hit the ground running, your cash flow is good and you’re making good money, chances are you could be doing even better if you had a better handle on your finances.

The Ideal Client

We expect to work very well with people who value honest and direct communication and are:

  • Motivated to understand your entire financial position
  • Committed to tax strategies to reduce your tax liability and put your money to work for you
  • Dedicated to growth – personal, business, wealth, and financial security
  • Willing to learn and participate in the process
  • Ready to acknowledge and accept responsibility for your accounting and taxes strategy
  • Ready, willing, and able to address unfiled taxes and unresolved issues


and you want to:

  • Get your finances in order
  • Put your money to work for you
  • Get out of debt or use debt strategically
  • Prepare yourself and your business for all the future holds – children and grandchildren, college, weddings, illness or disability, retirement, and other emergencies like natural disasters, riots, wars, and unexpected death.


If this is you – or if you WANT this to be you – let’s talk! We can coach you. Baby steps are okay as long as they are steps forward.

Thanks, but no thanks

You are not a good fit for The Approachable Accountant if you (are):

  • Price shopping for the lowest cost provider
  • Always going to believe someone else is telling you the truth because you like their answers better
  • Dishonest and looking for someone to help you cheat on your taxes
  • Swing wildly between procrastination and urgent needs
  • Expect to hand off documents, account access and responsibility and walk away
  • Comfortable being behind on bookkeeping and taxes until something or someone forces you to take care of it
  • Happy not knowing whether you are profitable as long as there is money in your bank account
  • Not interested in learning and growing

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