Do What You Love.

I relieve you of the stress of many back-office functions so that you can do what you do best and focus on growing your business.

No Time? No Worries.

I distill important business information into manageable, decision-ready reports with critical matters highlighted.

Plan for the Future.

I help you prepare realistic budgets and forecasts, so you can take advantage of opportunities and avoid missteps.

Do your financial records cause tax-time panic?

I can help. Sure, I can get your bookkeeping caught up for you ... but I also take it one step further, by developing intuitive, easy-to-follow procedures to keep you from getting behind in the future.

Know where you stand.

If you hold your breath every year, wondering how much you owe, there's a better way.

More of your hard-earned money goes to the IRS and your tax preparer when your financial records are in disarray. I can relieve that stress by keeping your books up to date on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis ... and save you money.

I let you do you – more profitably.

If you haven't analyzed your operations lately, you might be surprised to learn that even if the company is profitable overall, certain products and services may be a financial drain on your bottom line.

Focus on what you do best.

Let me worry about the rest. While my focus is on bookkeeping and accounting, my team and I can help with many critical back-office functions. Let me know what keeps you up at night and I will propose a suite of services tailored to your needs.